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There will be ways that will lead him to other ways. In the process, he won’t have enough time to return at this juncture and choose “the road not taken”. The phrase, “a yellow wood” symbolizes the abstract idea, change. So, it means that no matter what road the speaker takes, there will be a change in his life. This piece also taps on several other themes such as choice, uncertainty, indecision, fate, and over-thinking.

Difference between Abstract, Annotation, and Literature Review:

In this way, Frost paints a beautiful picture of two long roads going in two different directions in the woods. Furthermore, law dissertation help he is fully aware that his future self will ultimately deny his past self’s decision, asserting it strongly.

sample of annotated bibliography essay

In this type, you need to explain the research goals and objectives. Also, you need to explain that why you chose such resources and how they helped you in your research work. The descriptive annotation focuses on generic information. But, this type of annotation focuses on actual information.

Reliability, validity, fairness and inclusivity of annotated bibliographies

Apart from this, you will provide the justification of references and information. If there is any biased opinion, you need to justify that too. For this purpose, you must have in-depth research skills. In this type of annotation, sample of annotated bibliography essay you can discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the paper as well. In the end, you should correlate your evaluation annotation with your research topic. The use of imagery, in this piece, makes it an interesting read.

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  • For example, if writing a bibliography about short stories Mark Twain wrote, it would make sense to organize the bibliography by publication date.
  • Make sure to consult your professor regarding annotations’ particularities if they aren’t mentioned in the prompt.

Only include the URL and access date for online-exclusive articles. Omit this information if the article is available in print, even if you read it online. Note that this example dissertation assistance service is an edited collection of essays from different authors, and thus the editor is listed as the main author. Make sure to follow the formatting style assigned by the professor.

Types of Assignment

For rhyming, the poet chooses the word “undergrowth” in the last line. Robert Frost has penned the poem in the first-person point of view.

  • This part of annotation provides great help while preparing the outline and thesis.
  • Readers can find more secondary details, integral to the main image, in the following stanzas.
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  • Abstracts, such as those found in individual periodical databases or those found in scholarly journal articles are generally just descriptive summaries .

After making his decision, he exclaims that he will leave the first choice for another day. Then he honestly tells himself that if he lets this road go now, there is no coming back. There are many defining decisions in our life that shape our future and sometimes when we select an option in these moments, they change the course of our life and there’s no turning back. That is where the regret of not exploring our other options disturbs us.


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Once you format your APA bibliography, you can create a citation for each reference. The composition of your citation will base on the type of sources you have selected. There is a specific instruction to format each source. This type of annotation is way different from the earlier two types of annotations.

Online examples

Being a writer, you need to have a strong grip in APA and MLA styles to compose an annotated bibliography. Sometimes annotations might cause to down your grades. Certain assignments need to summaries while others call for assessment and reflection. Make sure to consult your professor regarding annotations’ particularities if they aren’t mentioned in the prompt. A custom written annotated bibliography from Ivory Research will find relevant, high quality and up-to-date resources for your topic, referenced in the style you require.

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  • In these sentences, try to include important and relevant details that help you develop your topic.
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Students should also be wary of using adjectives and adverbs in annotated bibliographies as they use up word count and offer value judgements that they might not be able to support. The finished annotation is expected to be a flowing text rather than a sequence of assertive statements. Teachers should also make it clear whether they expect students to ‘top and tail’ their work – giving it a short overall introduction and a concluding paragraph that draws together key points. Annotated bibliographies are aggregated lists of resources that correlate with a research topic. Students and researchers actively seek out exceptional resources about a specific research topic and develop of list of the best resources they’ve found.

Advantages of annotated bibliographies

We basically find ourselves observing a very important moment, where he has to make a decision that is evidently difficult for him. It is Robert Frost’s first poem in his book “Mountain Interval” . A popular, pleasantly misconstrued poem since its release, its simplicity and way with words demonstrate the skill of Frost’s pen. Other authors (see Harbison, 2003; Kaplan, 2004) question the usefulness of such an approach. A significant analysis and discussion on the subject was presented by Smith . A number of authors have considered the effects of … (Smith, 2003; Jones, 2004).

sample of annotated bibliography essay

‘The Road Not Taken‘ is one of Robert Frost’s masterpieces of poetry. Find out what other great poems the American poet wrote. You can also read about these raw anxiety poems and the best English language poems ever. ‘The Road Goes Ever On’ by J.R.R. Tolkien – It’s among the popular poems of J.R.R. Tolkien. This poem explores the themes of possibilities in life and hope. ‘There is Pleasure in the Pathless Woods’ by Lord Byron – It’s one of the best-loved poems of Byron.

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It will provide findings, inferences and information on methodology. Furthermore, you should discuss the research results and the conclusion of the source. So, this type of annotation focuses on providing the information. It will help your reader to understand the tone of your research.

  • This document adds to the relevancy and quality of sources that you are going to use in your thesis.
  • To begin with, he uses anaphora in the second, third, and fourth lines of the first stanza.
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Compiling a bibliography of this type promotes these skills and helps students and researchers demonstrate good practices when it comes to information literacy. In this piece, readers have to be aware of the use of symbols. The first dilemma that comes across while reading the text is about the actual symbolic significance of the two roads. Rather Frost points at two superficially identical roads symbolizing the choices a person has to make. He can only choose any one of them as it is literally impossible to be “one traveler” on both roads.